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Capabilities / Stamping, Wire Forming and Springs

Carl Associates' full range of stamping, wire forming and spring production technologies includes precision progressive die and reel-to-reel stamping, multiform stamping and forming technology such as fourslide and multislide processes, CNC wire forming, and wire EDM. These technologies offer the flexibility to meet any design requirement for large and small stampings and wire forms, as well as compression, extension, torsion, double torsion, and flat springs.

Equipment List:

  • >Power Press
  • >Fourslide
  • >CNC Wire Forming
  • >Quality Assurance
  • >Finishing
  • >Toolroom

Materials Experience

  • >Beryllium Copper
  • >Brass
  • >Cold Rolled Steel
  • >Custom Materials
  • >Elgiloy®
  • >Gold
  • >Hot-Tinned Brass
  • >Inconel
  • >Nickel
  • >Nitinol
  • >Palladium
  • >Phosphor Bronze
  • >Plastic Strip
  • >Platinum
  • >Silver
  • >Spring Steels
  • >Stainless Steel
  • >17-7 PH Stainless Steel
  • >Titanium

Material Specifications

.003 to .127 thickness
(Up to .187 thickness in soft materials)