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Capabilities / Sheet Metal

Sheet metal fabrication is a cost effective method of producing strong components in complex shapes for a wide range applications. Carl Associates offers precision sheet metal forming, production and finishing operations to suit any need.


  • >Fabrication
  • >Welding
  • >Finishing
  • >Engineering

Primary Equipment

  • >Press Brakes
  • >Roll Formers
  • >Automated Punching Cell
  • >Finishing Machines
  • >TIG and MIG Welders
  • >Spot, Stud and Pin Welders

Finishing Operations

  • >Iron Phosphate Batch Cleaning
  • >Powder Coating
  • >Curing
  • >Painting
  • >Screen Printing

Typical Components

  • >Machine Frames and Chassis
  • >Industrial Vehicle Components
  • >Commercial Construction Wall Components and Decorative Stainless Trim
  • >Specialty Stainless Ductwork
  • >Laboratory Enclosures and Frames
  • >Watertight Tanks