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Capabilities / Powder Metals

Powder metal technology produces parts to net or near net shape, reducing cost, time, machining operations, and material waste. Carl Associates offers a wide range of powder metal production services with manufacturing capabilities from miniature to 500 grams per part and in quantities from prototype lots to high volume runs.

Multi-level compacting presses from 4 to 110 tons can produce close tolerance parts with complex multi-level shapes.

Coining presses from 1 to 50 tons increase part density and reduce dimensional variation.

Powder Metals Experience

  • >Ferrous Powder Metals-Straight Iron and Many Steel Alloys to 7.4 g/cc
  • >Copper Infiltrated Steels and Soft Magnetic Steels to 7.5g/cc
  • >300 and 400 Series Stainless Steel Powder Metals to 7.4g/cc
  • >Non-Ferrous Powder Metals-Brass, Bronze, Nickel Silver to 8.3g/cc
  • >Heavy Hybrids to Density of 13.4g/cc

Additional Operations

  • >Heat Treatment
  • >Stream Oxidizing
  • >Copper Infiltration
  • >Machining, Milling, Turning, Broaching, Drilling, Tapping
  • >Sizing
  • >Plating, Coating
  • >Vibratory Finishing
  • >Oil Impregnation
  • >Resin Impregnation
  • >Component Assembly
  • >Vacuum Sintering